Wed, 01/07/2015 - 15:46 -- Gimmi


They fed while I consumed expectations.They did it so often and in abundance.They were right by default. How could they be wrong? They were on the screens, the radio and the magazines. They had to be right that my style should include clothes skin tight and that I needed foundation that made my skin a little more light. This couldn't be a lie right? It kept piling on more and more and day by day. I always wondered: how do they do it? It hit hard that the reality is that they had to believe in order for them to persuade. That's right! They didn't need expectations to figure it out, they knew they were flawless already. So, I wake up in the morning I shake off the  self-conscious and looked at myself hard. I don't need instructions to look good. I do that already. I don't need a plan to get me to be sexy cause I am that already. I don't need the light for the best complextion cause I have it already. I took time to amplify my best features that I have already. Now I look at myself and have no need to shake it off cause I'm all ready.





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