I went to college alone, 

ready to face the world. 

I was sure I was ready for it, 

but boy was I wrong. 


A lovely girlfriend I have, 

but she's far away. 

I've only made one friend here, 

but we rarely hang. 


I feel like I'm the only one who feels this way, 

so I don't wanna bother 

No one understands me, 

and that brings me sorrow.


In addition to that, I feel like I put myself behind others

I try to make them happy, I care too much. 

My actions are rarely reciprocated 

Life is so unfair


My family loves me and all, 

but I was always taught to ignore

Ignoring will make things go away they said 

but that has rately been the case.


Those that love me many times don't see

the amount of sorrow and loneliness that's really in me

It's sad, but sometimes I just don't see the point

Of existence at all. 


I need help I really do. 

I want to fill this gap. 

Maybe this is punishment

from my distancing from God


Please just make it stop. 

Craziness I feel 

The tears just won't stop

Make it go away. 

Make it disappear. 



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Awesome coming of age poem, keep writing! The message is shining through

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