No one knows my pain,
My best friend,
Only calls when she is sad,
But otherwise,
Do I even exist?
I want to go out,
On weekends,
No one calls,
Do they even try?
Is it b/c I am a virgin?
B/c they know,
I don't want to get drunk, or high?
If I try,
Will I get annoying?
Am I annoying?
Am I not good enough?
Am I not cheery enough?
Do I even cross your mind?
If even for a moment,
Does the thought make you smile?
Or do you push it away and ignore it?
I even say "Call me."
"I want to hang out!"
But no one does,
But Taylor,
He loves to be with me,
When only one person calls,
You start to wonder,
And then,
On nights likes this,
The pain in your heart,
Stays there,
And each time,
It becomes worse,
No one knows my pain


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