Almost Gone


United States
41° 17' 23.6868" N, 96° 5' 58.9128" W

I’m done
Yet I can’t quite grasp it
Why something like this would happen to me
How could something like this happen to me
That trust I built has just been destroyed
I’ve never been this broken before
I’ve never spilled my emotions all over the floor
Who do I turn to when I’m so alone
When there’s no rings coming through my phone
When there’s no one there to listen
I feel like a mental patient
I feel like no one will make time to care for me
So alone where do I turn
In my bed is where I lay mostly
In my bed is where the tears usually leak
How do you tell someone when it must be kept a secret
I can’t let you see that I’m strong no more
I can’t let you notice that anything is wrong
Can’t help thinking these negative thoughts
I just barely make it day to day
I just make it seem like every things okay
Still I wait to become invisible
Here I am all alone
Here I am almost gone



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