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i am not my bodyi am not the hair that reaches up to the heavensi am not the eyes that shed tears onto my pillowi am not the lips that you want around your shafti am not the boobs that sag from my chest
tiana didn't ask for a prince she was an entrepeneur she didn't ask for her best friend to be a rich white girl but she took it with grace she wasn't supposed to turn into a frog 
You hope and pray for pink, but the outcome is black. You contemplate on what life is going to bring you tomorrow. You tell yourself you're pretty knowing that it's an understatement. You're beautiful.
I think of my marks
Loving your body at times where you need it most. Cherish those moments.
Concrete shells dig into my fleshas your teeth gnaws at my neck –hungry, vehement, absent.
1. I was supposed to be a boy.   Doctor’s conceptions and my family’s history stated That only two girls had been born into the Shepardson family in three generations.   I was going to be a boy.
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