All the small things


United States

When I was a child

I had dreams of great feats.

Dreams of big things,

with the ones I would meet.


I stargazed and wondered,

how my life would turn out.

Unsure of my future,

I wandered about.


As life continued on

through trials and tribulations,

I learned life to be nothing,

but loose calculations.


The dreams I once had

of a successful grown man,

I learned that life is best seen,

in the palm of your hand.


It might sound so small,

too simple to some.

But in this ideal,

I found that life, I had won.


If not for close friends,

or family at your side,

all things seem pointless,

especially your pride.


It's the small things that matter,

not the job or the car,

for those can be lost,

in your search to go far.


So take a second to think

of the ones dear to you.

For then you may find,

where happiness is true.






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My family
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