All my fault


United States

It is all my fault... I should have done the things you asked... I would not have lost you like I did... They were just pictures, little snippets of what you are supposed to find out after you are all married and grown up... but you found out earlier right? What's the big deal... If it did not bother me so much if I wanted to do it willingly we would still be together, right? I'm not supposed to think this is all my fault. People talk and I feel like a human trash can. What am I called for doing those things? A slut. Yup, that is it. But you begged me to do those things for you. I do not know why I did that. I honestly have no idea. But that night we decided to take a break. That same night you begged me to do those things. The next night it drew you to break up with me. So yes, it is all my fault...


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