All I Need Is Not Only For Me

Some need money, talent or fame.

They play life like a inconsequential game.

They move their pawns around the board

Adding more money and gifts on their massive hoard.

Others want joy and happiness as theirs to keep.

Looking up from the bottom, they feel trapped so deep.

They want to smile, take a deep breath, and enjoy the breeze.

All they want is for this moment to freeze.

There's little I want that's only for me.

I want to let others be free,

Free from their stereotypes, labels, and demands.

Being able to finally take a stand

And proclaim to the word that they aren't afraid

To be who they are and be at peace with the choices they've made.

This poem is about: 
Our world



For the All I Need Scholarship, but truthful nonetheless. I truly free that you should be allowed to just be yourself!


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