All I Need

All I need...

All I need isn't what you need.

All I need is what you have.

All I need is to be someone.

All I need is who you are:

You are funny,

You are beautiful,

You are smart,

You are loved,

You are wanted,

You are needed...

You are not what I am.

I am hopeless,

I am ugly,

I am scared,

I am unwanted,

I am anxious, 

I am lonely,

I am suicidal,

I am the one up at three A.M. deciding whether it would be best if I was gone!

I am me...

All I need is attention...

All I need is a phone call...

All I need is a friend...

All I need is someone to tell me that they care...

All I need is everything I don't have.

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My community
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