All {i} Need


me myself 

me myself and...

me myself and {i}

I am me

only me



You ask what I would need

if I were hypothetically alone,

I can only take one thing

there's a plethora to be chose,

I can't decide between food

or maybe extra clothes,

I would also need friends

and also a boat,


since I can not simply decide

I will go empty handed

alone onto the forsaken land

me, myself and {i}

{i} is all I need

because it's made of so many things.

Knowledge and intellegence 

they will find me food,

strength and determination

that will create a home

{i} is many things wrapped,

into many many things

versitile and capable

all I need is {i}

a mind filled with questions

me will never get bored,

{i} is made of ideas

myself will never be lonely

constantly creating, constantly going

{i} doesn't need to take anything

onto this barren land

{i} will be enough








This poem is about: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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