All That I Hide

All that was taken

All that was lost

Puts me here, on this cross


With this cross come sympathy 

Sympathy I'd rather not bare

So I just remain here

In this chair


This chair is my home

Behind the velvet curtain 

Behind the broken walls

That I alone let fall


I have a story

Questionably true

That we'll both keep

Just between me and you


Caught between flesh

Between smothered screams 

Was someone

Someone just like me


Yet different in a way

Different every single day

Creating an act unseen

Except to now you and of course 



I've waited so long

I've waited in despair

For I've no longer been allowed air


So I sit here



Wishing to be free

Of this unsettling burden


That was once just about me

And no one knew

Not a soul

And now it seems you've struck gold


You've captured my secret

You've read it out loud

In an unholy version

You've made me the clown


The spectator you are

The preformer I am

There's no reason

To believe me

When I say who I am


I've been scarred into a person

The fakest of them all

But that's what happens

When you take a great fall


From innocent 

To guilty

I just remind my self

Day to day

That I must pray


Pray that I can be

Just one singular me


No faces

No lies

Just a one person

Before I die




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