The All-Consuming One...

It consumes all.

Weakens them and sickens them

and changes them drastically.

It's a catastrophe.

Leaving family members concerned

for themelves even.

Heavens ta Betsy!

This shit is crazy!

Leave them alone you crazy motherfucka!


It calms...

Shifting gears, time to get the shears,

tears will be shed.

This scary little shit,

controls tits and lungs,

among other things...


Back again with a vengeance it comes!

Fuck how you feel,

it's in for the KILL!

Every cell damaged,

I'm crying dams man...

Then, after it finishes off its prey,

it's gone...

Time for the next prey.

Hard to save the day,

there's no known way...


Devastation is it's other name, 

maybe middle.


that strong little shit...


stop taking my family away...


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