Alice In The Dystopia


New York
United States

You always dreamt of being free,

Living the way you wanted and acting however you feel.

Everything seemed to be going well, but there was something missing there.

Loneliness ate your soul when work and classes could not distract you from the void.


You saw how happy other girls were, those who had it easy and felt no pain.

The real princesses could never see that being vain does not make suffering go away.

You saw their perfect lives and tried your best to make yours like theirs.

Why surround yourself with the vapid people you claimed to detest?


Maybe you desired to share their perfection or their careless ways.

Maybe you just wanted to pretend that your life could be that way for a day.

Little by little, you lost your way and fell down the rabbit hole of parties and escapades.

Just like Alice, you distanced yourself further and further away from who you were.


Little girl, are you not tired of running away?

If loneliness is what you feared, congratulations, you managed to evade it.

What was the price? Letting the wolf in sheep clothing inside your place.

Slowly but surely, he fooled and isolated you until you had nobody else.


Did you not want a prince charming to come and save the day?

He showed you who he was from the beginning, but you chose to look away.

After some time, you realized you had fooled yourself and tried to disappear.

Purple, blue, and green covered your sunkissed skin as you tried to hide away your tears.


He became more controlling and tried to masquerade it as love.

He said you would die before he let you go.

You finally faced your fears and got away from him,

But the scars he left on you will never heal.


He will never stop calling you and will never leave you alone.

However, you have to move on and not dwell in the hurt.

The sun will shine over the city that saw your story more than once before.

Let that remind you that you saw another day after escaping from Manson's hold.

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