Fri, 12/23/2016 - 14:59 -- okoesel


i see hate, violent suggestion

that we are less

less pure, less whole

and we aren't whole

a gaping wound in a community

we want closure

for lives lost

for wounds inflicted

physical, emotional

verbal beatings and gunshots

stand tall, drape our flag like a cape

like a target painted on our back

take aim

don't fire, we pray, don't –

but they do, oh they do

how dare we demand equality

how dare we demand safety

to be ourselves in a world that hates us

tries to hurt us, to smother us in darkness

yet we shine bright, glimmer with hope

tomorrow brings a new day

we want freedom

to shrug off the weight of souls lost

to hold them, to raise them up

look! look at what you've done

a desperate cry: remember us

we are, we are

we live in defiance

we defy you, we keep our heads high

with tears streaming down our faces

do not forget

do not let this happen again

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My community
My country
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