Afraid to Lose

You were my super hero
You held me up when I was weak
You protected me from the darkness
You wiped away my tears

I never thought of losing you
Never dreamed you one day not be here
Loving me with perfect indescribable love
Never failing to amaze me

You made me laugh every day
Showed me how to take life not so seriously
Encouraged me to take chances
And always believe in myself

Then everything went to dust
The doctors said you wouldn't last
My whole world turned upside down
And now every day feels like your last

You're weak and tired and it scares me
You sleep too much and forget to smile
But you still go on despite the pain
You'll never give up I wish I could say the same

I love you because you made me
You sang me to sleep every night
You looked at me like I was precious
You cherished my presence

I love you and I'll never stop
I'm afraid of the moment you stop
Leaving me to hold on to memories
Remembering how much you loved me

This poem is about: 
My family


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