He was intoxicating

Fond of abandoning

He left a sad little girl all alone

Years go by

He returns, but finds her grown

She saw past his alibi

He had stolen her life

All of her time

His refusal to take a wife

Befitting of the crime

The man whom she loved

Now owns a coffin

Closed with a hand, gloved

His face ashen

He had been lead astray

Taken an oath of loyalty

Then cast away

Hurt awfully

With a decision so foolish

Fueled by the betrayal

He signed his deathwish

Loaded the bullet in the barrel

He was intoxicating

Fond of abandoning

Though she loved him for sure

She let him go

She wasn't enough anymore

As he was buried below

The ashen ground

Devoid of sound

Dressed in black

She turned her back

Couldn't stand to see the grave

The life he so freely gave

How he'd hit rock bottom

She couldn't fathom

They were in love

Living life by each minute

Until he was sent above

His life taken by a bullet

His life was given

She wanted heaven

There went her last breath

As she joined him in death

They left their fingerprints

And have walked together ever since


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