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With the lack of male leadership and representation that we as African-Americans are perpetually inflicted with, leaving ALL the responsibilities of a father, to fall on a single woman to play both roles of mommy AND daddy, isn’t it hard enough already, as it is, to try and teach a little girl to ALWAYS have high self-esteem? “Well my own father didn’t want me, so why would I want myself? I HATE myself, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” …one of the most gut-wrenching slaps to the face ANY mother could hear from the daughter she tried her best and broke her back for countless times, to raise into a confident woman. But forget about the ABSENCE of black men, let’s not overshawdow the PRESENCE of black men; my “niggas” in particular. See, when you accept the mentality of a NIGGA, you are formally agreeing to adopt a “niggerish” lifestyle which includes the implementation of S.W.A.G. = (S)leepin (W)ith (A) (G)irl just for your OWN satisfaction of being able to tell yo OTHER niggas “yea bro, I was hittin THAT last night!” Completely, entirely, and absolutely unaware, oblivious, and IGNORANT to the fact that when a girl loves… she loves HARD!
So when she finds herself continuously giving these immature NIGGAS the window of opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle her heart, mind, and body like 3 sheets of loose-leaf paper, who can really blame that girl for having low self-esteem and internally developing what I call A.D.D. = Acute Drake Disorder. FOREVER having TRUST ISSUES, wondering.. “Why do I always FALL FOR YOUR TYPE you ungrateful nigga? You used to LIGHT UP my world like FIREWORKS in the sky and when you STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM, worked your way UPTOWN and PUT IT DOWN, oooweee!! You had me UP ALL NIGHT thinkin I was finally able to FIND YOUR LOVE… but little did I know I’d end up like EVERY GIRL you’ve ever been with. That night when we were in your brother MARVIN’S ROOM on NOVEMBER 18th and you said “IT’S BEEN A PLEASURE girl, but it’s OVER, DUECES, I gotta SHUT IT DOWN and CALL IT OFF so don’t hit me up IN THE MORNING,” I realized I was just another REPLACEMENT GIRL and that my Mr. Right was actually MR. WRONG. You were the BEST I EVER HAD but I all I did for you was SHOW YOU A GOOD TIME.
But it’s okay boo boo, because I WILL find a man who will tell me just by lookin into my eyes: “LORD KNOWS that I GET LONELY TOO baby, but LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE, even your WORST BEHAVIOR can’t overshadow the fact that you are still SUCCESSFUL. You’ve conquered the UNTHINKABLE and for that you are UNFORGETTABLE in my heart girl. You are a CHAMPION and you ain’t got me on cloud 9 girl you got me RIGHT ABOVE IT. I don’t care if you’re the FURTHEST THING from perfect, you MAKE ME PROUD and here’s my heart, you OWN IT. AINT NO WAY AROUND IT, the GOOD ONES GO, if you wait too long and I’ll be damned if I don’t SAY WHAT’S REAL and DO IT NOW. I’M READY FOR YOU.”
See, women have low self-esteem because there’s not enough Kings looking for ONE Queen. Too many niggas and not enough faithful, God-fearing men looking to spend the rest of their lives with ONE faithful, God-fearing woman. There’s too many JFK’s, Kobe Bryant’s, Tiger Woods’, Eddie Murphy’s, Eric Benet’s (dude was married to Halle Berry, omg!), Bill Clinton’s, Bill Cosby’s, Usher’s, DMX’s, Lil Wayne’s, Magic Johnson’s, Shaquille O’Neal’s, Bob Marley’s, Ike Turner’s, Tony Parker’s, Michael Jordan’s and the list goes on and on with men who cheat on their significant others because sometimes “one just ain’t enough for a nigga.” God created WOMAN for MAN, not WOMEN for MAN…
See, women have low self-esteem because the majority of them don’t TRULY recognize their WORTH. What THEY have to offer. What THEY bring to the table that no MAN can. When you understand that you were made in GOD’s perfect, glorious and magnificent image then you will realize that NO man or woman on this entire planet can take that power away from you, unless YOU allow them to. What you call insecurities, some man out there calls PERFECTION. So please tell me, QUEEN, what the hell is YOUR excuse for having low self-esteem?


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