3,000 Miles is a Lot

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 13:48 -- mzani1

3,000 miles is a lot

3,000 miles is a lot to move away 

from the normality and reality of your everyday

life, the start of a new routine

even a new wardrobe

which is a teen girls dream

I didn’t even know that

winter coats were so heavy

but what my parents had said just didn’t get to me

I didn’t know what it was like to live in the snow 

and how quick i would be to get over it, though

I will admit spring time in New England is pretty,

but allergies come as a package deal.


3,000 miles is a lot 

3,000 miles is a lot to be away 

from a new person you meet, who to you is so sweet

and enchanting, intriguing, and all around fun,

but unfortunately I couldn’t stay and play in the sun,

I had to go back to the place that I knew

that paul revere hung not one, but two 

lanterns in the church, and though that’s not my major, I remember the original bet, the simple wager

my parents had put on my graduation destination,

Nashville or LA, for me: a much needed vacation,

because I knew at the end of all this,

I’d want to go home and relax.


3,000 miles is a lot

3,000 miles is too far from her

from the commotion and turmoil, it was all now a blur

I thought I had more time to soak up the love,

but 3 to 6 months just wasn’t enough

If it wasn’t for her,

I wouldn’t have been there in the first place,

and now that she’s gone, 

there is an empty space 

in my heart, a gap, and I don’t know how it could be filled,

but I know that when I finish, she will be thrilled

no matter where she watches from, 

either in the arena or heaven above.


3,000 miles is a lot

3,000 miles was a lot for me 

to be away from the people who molded me 

into who I am when I started this journey

of chasing that dream and turning it into reality.

I’ve grown physically, mentally, emotionally, musically too,  

though financially i’ve been officially screwed, 

but I’ve grown up a lot, its a hard thing to do,

and now I am here to express my official gratitude:

to the countless hours in a practice room, 

with the ramen noodle walls starting to look like my tomb,

and to my classmates 

who’ve played since they’ve emerged from the womb.

To my professors, from the boring to the extremely cool,

to even the founders of my crazy school,

to the people who have touched my life along the way

I wouldn’t be who I am today

without you.


3,000 Miles is a lot

3,000 miles is a lot to change a person,

but more or less mileage does not worsen

the value of the the experience and what I walk away from. 

I have changed as a human, 

but I am still on my path to fully blooming

into who I will become, 

To 3,000+ hours of class, 18,000+ miles of air travel, 

to the thousands of musical pieces I was asked to unravel,

to the change of attitude and the change of heart, 

I am certainly different to who I was at the start

And no matter what you originally thought,

3,000 miles certainly was a lot.

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