Tell me the tale of a good old node. 

The one who stirs at everyone's mode

Taking a hint of what to from each imitation 

What a virtue to behold.


We gave Our stories on a plate of gold

to anyone who would fly that plane bold

We gave them a warning of an absorber for every shock in there

We told them a life to behold is waiting for a hold.


We took time we cannot make like the mystery of the coconut 

we wasted treasures of whom we could become

Sulking on mistakes that we were not powered to correct.

we forgot to heal that other may love through love in us. 


They did not have the heart for it

They fled from heat the wanted the chill.

No one knew the truth of which was better and which mattered.

Life gave a shush to us for every mistake we made. 


Keeping our eyes away from the wealth of a lesson.

And we buried our head in shame from the lurk of a blessing.

We shelled our mysterious person.

And we kept our inherent wings a secret, by refusing to fly 

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