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Tell me the tale of a good old node.  The one who stirs at everyone's mode Taking a hint of what to from each imitation  What a virtue to behold.  
Living in the coastHe was so "shore" you would comebut only waves camePoseidon tried to wave backbut shyness... was a setback
I saw shyness distinctly. She was shaking, clustered in the corner. She turned around and cloaked herself from me. I saw her cerulean essence egress. And heard her wimper in fear of people.
Her heart was made of music, But she kept it quiet. She muffled away every sound of it Despite how for silence she was unfit. Every day she sat beside him, A quiet soul her own age.
Dear reserved little girl, In a room full of kids with everything to say, you had nothing to say  
I don’t talk a lot At first And I hope that that’s okay But once I know your warmth And feel safe letting words escape When I know they and I don’t annoy you Then I’ll tell you
I weigh 111.4 pounds. I am 5’6, lanky, And my hips are neither too wide Nor too thin.
My hands are about as cold and dead as they can be without actually being dead.   My hair is about as long as can be without actually being long.   My thighs are about
My hands are about as cold and dead as they can be without actually being dead.   My hair is about as long as can be without actually being long.   My thighs are about
When I was a young girl  Is when I first noticed My bashfulness got in the way I had so many thoughts that swirled in kalediscopes and So many dreams that were swinging high above the trees
This may be hard to believe... I think I hide it well, But really, I am quite shy and hide within my shell. Sure I may be loud... In your face sometimes too,
This person doesn't talk much 
I am an optimist disguised as a pessimist  who hoards many flaws. And in the cracks and crevices of my heart  bleeds out a sad love song. It keeps the rhythm of my veins at a steady pace.  
you are the quiet one with the name the substitute can't pronounce you don't correct his butchery, you don't even raise your hand silence coils around your neck, a tangible creature restricting your breath
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
Since I've been young, I've always been shy Some people couldn't understand, they'd always ask, "Why?" To others, my shyness came across as being rude To them it appeared that I was in a sulky mood
But sadly  my dear, i cannot express my love for you. for i am much too selfish, to share it with the world.
Hey, Pardon My awful Cacology, I'm not too great At speaking to you. I hope you don't mind it. I'm better with animals, They don't reply with sarcasm.
A veil of quiet. Shyness.   Should I shout? Garner their attention?   Or rather, relish in my isolated contentment. Alone....for only a few to see. To know. To love.
Hello  Umm......  I apologize if I'm a bother  I usually don't do this because I'm....  Well I get nervous  But I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous 
People don't listen, they push you down and say you have no voice. You hide in the shadows, wanting to speak but never knowing how. You have an opinion, but they say  it's not allowed,
A dream that is heard. A boy in his bed. Sheets split. A rip is heard. The boy falls. The boy swears. Nothing is heard. The floor vibrates.
God, please quiet these conflicting voices inside my head Is one of them yours? It's getting harder to tell. I'm trying to filter them out.   My days and nights are blending together
Walking down the hall I see so many faces Faces of people I know But never speak to And the loud girls They make friends so fast But the shy ones What chance do they have?
Not meeting your gazedoesn't mean I'm hiding somethingI'm just not comfortablegiving you temporary accessto my soul
Floating in the air  Holding her teddy bear  Is it fair?   Barely   very very smart  she is   Does she dare speak  because she is so meek   No not a freak  Quiet as she is  
Because I cannot speak Because I do not speak I have stopped, not knowing how to let them out: these hounds from their cages   Because to release these hounds from their cages would be deadly
I have discovered a joyThe ecstatic silenceMastery of babbling tongueSelf-control
Sometimes when I feel lost, alone and hurt I write the words I cannot speak When I force myself to shut up And censor my true feelings I scribe the things I dare not say When I'm sad and no one wants to listen
I have oh-so very many words to say They build up and swell in my noggin all day. They churn and tumble about in my head And pester me long after I've gone to bed. There are short words, And l o n g words,
Fighting to keep the past behind Fighting to keep the ground underneath my feet While all around the world dissolves to ashes All around me
I can’t read you All I know is what I feel Ask me to explain it And the words just disappear
People ask me what I why I wanted to be a “filmmaker.”
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