16 Bar Thesis

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United States
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To most, I am a statistic.

A product of a generation raised by absent fathers.

Fathers who chose to forget their daughters and leave their sons to disrespect their sisters and mothers.

Contributing to this cyclist society of progression and recession.

Nonetheless, Im simply just trying to resuscitate all the goodness from what’s left of them.

I am a woman.

A young lady who likes ladies and eventually wants children.

A student aspiring for the great and mighty future,

At times perspiring the same sweat and hard work of the prior generation minorities before her.

Aspiring further accomplishments that’ll inspire young girls such as herself,

Never getting too caught up in the mix and understanding that real music is what moves her.

I am an aquaintance, friend, lover, homie.

Yours truly, one and only. 

And sometimes when the nights get lonely I get “in the zone” not expecting for no one to hold me

Cuz I own me.

And Written on this, is my 16 bar thesis, 

My childhood and demons, my questions and my reasons

The only way I express my feelings. 


Honestly I’m just glad that you hear this, or read this,


But most importantly, I’m just prayin that these words lift up out the screen or sheets ,

just so you can, feel this…


Cut the track…

Guide that inspired this poem: 


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