13 Feb 2013


United States
27° 58' 16.194" N, 82° 41' 48.9876" W

Here I am, three years later
and so much has changed;
except for the hole in my heart.
What was once a searing and excruciating pain,
is now a constant dull ache.
Never going away,
never giving relief,
sometimes contracting just to remind me that you're
Like I could ever forget.
I can still taste the metallic sickness in my mouth.
I can still hear the senseless murmur and stunned questions.
I can still feel our mother's arms around me,
praying that it wasn't true.
It's just a mistake,
it's just a joke.
Please let it be a mistake.
Someone else's son,
But it wasn't someone else.
It was you.
You were so young.
You were a part of me.
This pain will never end.
Not as long as I have to live knowing that you missed out
on so much.


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