12 Months

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 01:18 -- michemo

I looked at you and I knew that it would never be the same

I fell into your eyes, and thought I really knew

But it was not something I can explain.

A spark, a piece, and suddenly everything felt right

All I ever wanted to be was always on your mind.


Two weeks long and yet 12 months gone

I can't help but feel for you I will ever long.

I think of you and the feelings have changed.

From lust and love, to confusion and pain.


I believed the words, they meant more than just talk.

My mistake, I never thought you were the type to only take.

Emptiness and confusion for which I searched for a cure

Liquids and loose love controlled my hurt into a blur.


At times it was oh so easy to forget

It was nothing to you and yet I still admit

It was something to me, but now I know it should have never been.


It is not you to fault, besides your false words and twisted game

I knew better and still acted the fool, for which is my own to blame

You've found better now, of that I'm sure.

But I will never forget that night with you at my door.


I fell, and now I crawl.

But for you I will never again ball.

I am smarter, stronger now than ever before,

You taught me a lesson, one I will not ignore.


A bump in the road, a wave on the sea

You meant something to me and for that I feel no shame.

But I can only think if I did something to change

The way that went this heartbreaking game.





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