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My pops hit the intersection, with his leathal weapon

On my mother with a birth out of pure unintention

And I understand regression, a deep misconception

That I wasn't gunna make it, & if I did, I would be "special"

But I survived, mom working nine-to-five

Dad waiting for papers of legality in the Isles

And to my surprise, I found out it took him one year to get here

The goverment is screwed up while immigrants live in fear

But back to my story, non-fictional glory

I grew up in a nuclear house hold of four

Mami, Papi, Dre and some more

And they came in and out the house but didn't stay before

So my days were filled with loneliness

Barbie dolls and toys

And I was not the richest, life of struggles and the spoils

But I kept up, I didn't let up

My dedication to the man above, was a sector

Selector played back a million times, the million times that I went to church

Baptized when I was nine, washed clean and given the Word

And for a while my soul still searched

Until I came into a spiritual rebith

And now I'm just honest in my rhymes about my faith and hard work

And what it takes to make it? I ate that plate being served

And I only feel reserved when I'm nervous

They say that I'm shy, but my past, they don't know it

It's potent, that what I say reaches your ears

It's important to relate and show my tears and my fears

And that's why I,


Share my life with you

I kick it in the smoothest mood

And everything I say

I keep it real, you know it's true



Back in the motion of the lyrical concocted potion 

My rhymes stay open like the hinges of a door that's broken

And  its well spoken that by the time I hit puberty

I was awkwardly, placed in an environment not for me

But obviously, I had to go 'cause it was school

Super shy, and outcast that kept all the rules

Never popular, nor topic of discussion

Playing cards? No bluffing

Graphic novels were my favorite

The "Nerdy Element" precussion

Played deep into my mind until I found an Eminem CD

And thats when the world changed for me

This whole new world of Hip Hop

Got me caught

And prompted me to write rhymes

Till synths pop, and beats drop

True melodies of blended sound

All my friends left, but my music stayed around

And I'm thankful just to share with you my history

Beacuse without you, there wouldn't be the REAL me

So I,


Share my life with you

I kick it in the smoothest mood

And everything I say

I keep it real, you know it's true




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