09/11: 120 Months Later


 There are catastrophic events in your life, Which do not bring immediate reactions and tears; Even though your heart is engulfed in fears, Chaos, anger, sadness, anxiety, and uneasiness. Losing friends, relatives, children and wifeBring such a cocktail of eerie emotions; You are inundated in a raging flood of confusions, Nightmares, pain, suffering and awkwardness. The dreadful events of 9/11 brought such devastating feelingsOf wanting to cry for the rest of one’s time on earth, And to fight to avenge the victims, our fellow human beings; At the same time, your soul is sinking in the infernal surf. The devils of hell of 9/11 were worthless animals, Who failed to annihilate our humanity, our universe, And the freedom we enjoy. Those nefarious criminals, Despite the heavy casualties, made us stronger and athirst, To vanquish evils with our wills and mighty arsenals. 9/11 will remain with us until our memories fade away.We will NEVER forget; with the help of God, they will payMiserably for killing countless innocents and bystanders, And costing so much in sacrifice, sufferings and dollars.9/11 will remain with us until God takes our last breathe away.  We shall overcome is not a cliché; it is a reality, In today’s world, where our future remains uncertain.Life is a constant battle to survive and to alleviate our pain.The enemies are elusive, vicious, stealthy and stilly; With the grace of God, Good People ALWAYS win. Copyright© 9/11/2011, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry books: ‘Etincelles de l’Amour’, ‘Monts et Vallées de l’Amour’, ‘Sparkles of Love’ and ‘Mounts and Valleys of Love’ P.S. This poem is dedicated to the Victims of 9/11 and to the People of the USA.

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My community
My country
Our world


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