I am

I am the kid who grow up in the lower class only plastic cups no crystal glass.
I am from a family of five it should of been  six but I lost a little brother and can't offered to lose another.
I am the one who once lived in a basement attended school high I.Q advanced placement.
I am from the family who once in order to survive depended on food stamps but we never  let go it was a house full of champs.
I am the kid who also once witnessed domestic violence and everyday still sees alcohol abuse but has inner force does not want to lose.
I am the kid which was thought by his mom that there is no such thing as failure or fear but it is okay for a man to shed a tear.
I am the kid who's family moved up from lower class to middle class.
I am the one who comes from a family who has faced a major disaster which is called cancer.
I am the kid with the unibrow to show that his family has faced cancer but overcame now they are the master of this huge disaster.
I am the one who was thought by his mom that prayer and faith will solve every problem and life will quickly blossom.
I am the Leo the kid with a couple of friends more like a squad but my best friend is God.
I am different I don't dream about cars or making it to Pluto or even mars.
I am the kid who will not go to college straight out of high school go to the seminary for others be beneficiary.

I am the one who is afraid for his true colors to reveal because I am good but don't know how the rest will feel and if they hurt me will I ever heal.

I am the one who keeps his identity chained up gased up masked up behind a curtain because I don't want to be looked upon as bad or the one who is always mad and i am scared of being judged and my reputation being sumdged.


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