Tree of life


I'm a single celled human bodied organism. I'm a dead man living,
Imprisoned. I get picked on like a rose in a field of dandylions.
I don't understand what me so special. 
Then again I've surpassed my 23rd chromosome limit.
Leave me alone I don't want your phone
call or visit.
I guess it might be the way I've grown
Up, springing myself out from six feet beneth
the ground. I've been compared to the tree of Life
But there's no comparison because everywhere I go death follows
And prides what I'm forced to swollow
But where you find darkness there's light and where there's good there's bad
So from this glucose I produce you can conclude that
I'm the root of all evil
But I'm no GMO I can't be modified I'm the engineer that allows your heads to turn like gears.
Call yourself a poet, It's doubtful take this poem and decompose it. Thought so.
And if you have you're retarded. Don't take this offencive
its more like glue,
the way it stick to those of you who
comprehend it.
And to the others dont be discouraged there's only few true baboons who are able to poduce poetry that leaves the audiance without a clue.
You can't break this code the way it's enforced you wouldn't get past the front door.
Theres no bad locks only pad locks re-
enforced to keep eveyone out inculding cops.
You can't der ive me because I've reached my minimum. At a maximum, so I can only aproximate that I've reached the peak,
I wouldn't want to be
Any Where else because the only free
dom I have is allowing my imagination to run free.
I guess I'm a little crazy but the way these guards are busting my balls you could have swarn I was living a fairy tale.(Nut Cracker)



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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