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It's you who has conformed me and shaped me to realize the true existence of Love.  thank you in advance for our future.
16 hours 56 min ago
Since day one I just knew you are the one I wanted only you then I felt love strike my heart
17 hours 36 min ago
You said you'd never leave you held my heart to keep and I promised to never look back and to never shed a tear
18 hours 42 min ago
ہوں لکھتا جس پھیر کلام ، اسمِ ابتداء زولجال و اکرام ، سوچتا ہوں وہ زمانہ خار ، تھا بندہ خاک گردشِ ایام ،
20 hours 10 min ago
Jokes shoot up in the air, Flying across the sky as short arrows, Transversing caricatures within
20 hours 12 min ago
اپنے لبوں سے نام کبھی ہمارا بھی لیجئے ، دماغ سے سوچئے دل سے فیصلہ کیجئے ،
20 hours 12 min ago
وہ اندازِ سخن ہم سے بتایا نہ گیا ، اک رشتہ خیال تھا جو بھلایا نہ گیا ،
20 hours 19 min ago
A constant comfort, A solace eternal Cadence wraps In-between fingers, As magical tangible hugs
1 day 10 hours ago
Bottled up inside Are the words i never said The feelings that i hide
1 day 20 hours ago
Sometimes it feels like that loop is never going to end,
1 day 20 hours ago