The Ocean


United States
37° 57' 47.5632" N, 87° 31' 46.8984" W

The Ocean.
Continuous motion,
Alive with emotion,
The Ocean.
Salty spray in your face,
Meets the sand with such grace,
Fills infinite space,
The Ocean.
Tidal waves with such power,
Sea foam like a flower,
Changes by the hour,
The Ocean.
Barely covers my toes,
Depths to who knows?
An anger that shows,
The Ocean.
Rolling waves hypnotize,
Creatures with great size,
Where huge ships might die,
Gorgeous colors arise.
The Ocean is
Nature's gift of
Unpredictable Power; Unexplainable Beauty!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

beautiful poem that represents the ocean and its impact on nature

you described in full detail the meaning of oceans

great job


I love how this poem blends metaphor with reality. It's beautiful!


There is feeling here: But always think.

Do you write to be sincere? Or

Do you write to be clever?

To flaunt your way with words?

Let the words be.

Put down the truth first;

The rhymes will follow.



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