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To The One, I Confessed To
7 hours 41 min ago
how does one become a poet in a shit hole of existence we run a muck through the give and take of sought through cadence
11 hours 11 min ago
Everyone tells me what I did wrong and how to fix it for next time. Next time. Next time there won’t be a next time.
11 hours 33 min ago
And then  It all  Fell Apart  Just as quickly as it had become,  It disintegrated into his fingers
12 hours 1 min ago
Yes I know I know You aren’t so little anymore, I
12 hours 24 min ago
Dear Love, I wish you luck above. Soon I will know when to let go. To hold you,
13 hours 6 min ago
Dear Anxiety, What if they don’t pick me? What if I am not good enough?
13 hours 52 min ago
These days they're less likely to bleed through, us that is
13 hours 53 min ago
14 hours 16 min ago
we are people, not objects or products, not apologies or excusesoften dehumanized and abused, as i
15 hours 4 min ago