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Would you dance with me to sway the sorrow? Could you care for me upon each morrow?
7 hours 59 min ago
It's crazy how strange love can be. Love can be sweet, sad, happy, or mad, but no matter what it's still called love. You can scream, sho
8 hours 56 min ago
Days turn into months And months into years As I patiently wait for your return. Just thinking, 
9 hours 42 min ago
Of all the people you've met who went though your home,  there's a greater significance
10 hours 11 min ago
Connections are risks  Sometimes the wrong ones make blood boil and hiss 
10 hours 17 min ago
All these years later I still dream of you A day in the park Late spring Under that tree
10 hours 44 min ago
You smiled  I laughed  We sat at lunch together  He made fun of me You punched him
10 hours 46 min ago
Life can be tough in ways that we never ask for. We can pretend that we don't wish to have someone next to us
11 hours 23 sec ago
All I could Ever Ask   I want you to succeed  because I love you and I want you to breathe easy
12 hours 45 min ago
All her life she's been told that falling causes bones to break, She's been told that if your bones break, t
14 hours 20 min ago