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Here we are. It is you and me and I want it to be that way forever. Us staring at the night sky
5 days 15 hours ago
So bright Yet, I don’t want you to dim down, just so I can view your light But I want to know,
6 days 9 hours ago
Dream Lover by Caecae W. My love where are you now
6 days 10 hours ago
My sir's eyes compare not to the light moon; Clouds are far more soft than his lip's surface;
6 days 10 hours ago
Hello. I’m Christian. We’ve talked a little bit over text and i didn't think much of it,
6 days 11 hours ago
A pair of initals carved into a tree  Engraved together forever with glee As the Tree grows, their love does also 
6 days 17 hours ago
Break the bonds of doubt You are a slave to you, Change you To change your world,
6 days 18 hours ago
Be my warrior to fight away fright, Be the match to light at night. Be the fireflies in the dark,
6 days 21 hours ago
Why am I the easy one when you too, were in the act?
1 week 9 hours ago
I am frustrated with these conventions Which dictate love and romance. Namely, assuming that warmth and adoration
1 week 9 hours ago