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The peasants and their wives, the whole body bent forward at each moment of their long twisted legs. Ornamented with little design,
She was a freak like me, that amazon woman-teacher. My eyes ricochet like pin-balls. Like a blue-black sky after it’s rained and rained…
Dear visitor,   The wall is about stories a larger story still under revision That story is complicated
The life in him runs under the skin, under my hand, running through the splotches, smelling up into my nose
Darl was different from those others He knew without words.   Addie Bundren is dead. Furious tide of despair.   New Hope. 3 mi  
This is a found poem from page 261 of Laurie Halse Anderson's 'Wintergirls': I find silence In a single shadow I wake up I'm dreaming The flickering shadows Open my eyes
The tall ferns                         Crowding against the trunks of the   Cedars Flooded                       with green feathery waves.    
Everything is to human scale and you and I are all choreographers of space, an eerily ambivalent void. And yes, we worked in various ways, destroyed various things,
found poem                             SUGAR                                     I’m at play-                                     exploding bread loaf
Behind the physique Upon close inspection Is a vital secret   The philosophy when alone,
  As they stood together in the same boat: “I won’t force you,”  Ishmael said, they wondered if that were true at all  
Slaves are recognized as property,
  I felt glade that I stopped once to ask myself what joy meant  to remind reason  that it was not home 
 Igbo Evil (pg 18, 61, 77, 122, 148, 150) A superstitious pain, Listen as a mother weeps, Watch for the wicked child, Wait for another death, Feel the bitterness. Shaped of death,
July 7 1944 My dear beloved child,  I take with me your last image. "Make her be quiet! She's mad! Shut her up!"                   Her little boy stroked her hand.
Never does the swinging stop Always back and forth Left to right I’m treading for my life now, Believe me.
For years success is a narrow cage a ribbon between empty spaces and things unknown   For years I am lonely with questions nothing but bitter tears and wine stained lips remain  
"They gonna drive me. They drivin all our people I'm an outlaw. Hell, ain't it clear? Ma Don' worry, Don' worry me"                                          Ma said, "They might k-they might hurt ya. How'm I..?"
I'm stuck in an ordinary world. You have no idea how that frustrates me. I have grown up watching Harry Potter and his companions run all over the place doing cool things up off the yin-yang
Memories Time to dance. London Beckoned songs about sins Not tragedies. Written by Mona Lisa Always money and hurricanes. Build God and thank God for nails For breakfast.
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