A Panic of Our Own


United States
42° 11' 47.8644" N, 83° 36' 48.8052" W

Time to dance. London
Beckoned songs about sins
Not tragedies.
Written by Mona Lisa
Always money and hurricanes.
Build God and thank God for nails
For breakfast.
It's better, you just haven't
Though of it.


Ready to go camisado,
Written by machines.
Let's kill tonight!
Sarah smiles, always
Ever since we met, most fun
A girl can have Esteban
Get me out, the calendar says
It's nine in the afternoon.
Lying, mistakes, tacks for snacks
We're so starving.
Mad as rabbits, press coverage
Of that Green Gentleman
What I'm seeing?
Martyrdom and suicides.


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