Maybe they were right

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A mirror stands before me Whispers of hate and laughter surround me They point out the outside flaws So I put on a mask to hide the hurt and the pain
Eyes closed breath heavy the feel of your body over mine my hands on your body your curves so defined I place a kiss upon your neck & whisper in your ear
I've been cursed to spend my life fighting. Darkness and war follows me everywhere I go. Fire and venom are in my veins.
A wall, a wall with a hole so deep, so dark, the depths could never be known. A road, a road never traveled, nor will it ever be. An animal, lonessome and mateless, never to find his own.
Down every street, On every wall, In every room, Are windows, mirriors, puddles, and reflection. I march right by without a look but, sometimes I cant... Sometimes it pulls me, Calls to me,
  With you, I finally felt loved. Your lips were softer than butter, kisses so soft, sweeter than the sweetest honey.
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