2015 What Would You Change Scholarship Slam

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I used to look up to you- I used to be, “[your] little boy” Then later I grew up and became “big red” And since then there was a distance,
He was born to be free yet there he stands in a cage   While his heart soars with the wings he doesn't have   He longs to be free  to find his love
As the world revolves, Pain and corruption expand. This world does not evolve, And society continues to disband.   A world immered in violence, That I wish I could impact.
  Today I swallowed a cloud.  On the way down, I could  feel it  punching out of my throat with  marshmallow hands then  I could taste the soot of the air and smell the fresh of the sky
"If you could change one thing you see, Or think, Or feel, Or anything, If you could change one thing about you, Could you narrow it down? What would you choose?" I stop and ponder for a while,
"I'm black and I'm proud" I would shout as a
Through out your life, and mine There is something constantly following us
Why do we assume the future will be brighter? Or to reach for the stars a little bit higher? When contentment is over looked like the shadows that follows before me, Greed is at a peak and there's no such thing as dignity
Like a stain of wrong colored paint that will not wash away,  She is the foul wart on her elbow. Reeking of the blemish she cannot change, she cannot hide. 
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