scholarship 2013

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I found the devil, not in hell, but in the infinite space  between my body and the mirror.
I see my childhood and see nothing but a mystery. A pile of poetry books, A lonely flower growing wild in a solitary garden, and no water- not anywhere.  Like a wave of relief, like music after perpetual silence,
As he wandered through the torn up house And put out each last flame, He felt a rush of ecstasy In each halcyon wave.   As he went and shook his hose And ran all through the fire
“Empacó un par de camisas, un sombrero Su vocación de aventurero, seis consejos, siete fotos Mil recuerdos”
Click. Spark. Light The dark. Just keep the flame from engraving its mark. The viscous amber, the salty indigo Are able enough to crawl up your arms. They can feast on your festering flesh
The longer I sit here The more unclear everything becomes. Like fog on a windshield Steam in a bathroom I fail to see What lies ahead.
The dreamer in me can't stay still The visions of the future give me chills Languages I learn: Vietnamese and French But my satisfaction isn't quenched I want to travel
And I think I love your smile the most 'Cause it says all the things I didn't know And if you'd only smile some more I'd smile and know what I didn't before
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