The Bravura of The Fireman


As he wandered through the torn up house

And put out each last flame,

He felt a rush of ecstasy

In each halcyon wave.


As he went and shook his hose

And ran all through the fire

The bravura of the fireman

Was the kind to admire


As his running came to a halt,

He heard a crying mother

Surrounded by a wall of flames

Oh, how she was getting smothered


But, hark, he came, the fireman

With his hose on his shoulder

He grabbed the mother and took no other

And ran back even bolder


His put the last fire out

By taking a cold shower

He knew he could do this no more,

For he had left no power


The bravura of the fireman

Began to be extinguished

He knew he had no time left in

He never felt more anguish


As his life was put out in his home,

He died with a last smile,

The bravura of the fireman,

Turn out to be worthwhile



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