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Drab black curtains hung 'round Depthless windows peering in to  An empty soul.   Too pale skin is the background For sunken eyes and light pink lips That sit smile-less.  
Imagine a flower picking its own petals, Throwing them on the ground in disgust. Criticizing every fine line and fuzz, It doesn't seem to add up.   Imagine the trees dropping their leaves 
I’m unique. There is no one quite like me.   I’m a combination of memories, Experiences, Goals, & dreams.   I’m not perfect, I’m far from it. But that’s okay.  
Who am I without a filter? For the past four yeasrs, I haven't had an answer to that question  I've spent so long trying to become littler  I've tried to disappear which is something I probably should mention
There I was another day spent counting miles subtracting calories calculating deficits.   Run, run to look good, run to look pretty, run so boys will like you.  
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