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Written broadly against my chest I say "I am Other" That's who I am I am not this or that I am other I am the child who is always asked What are you my friend? They say
Sometimes I can't see past the pain It's really hard to explain Why can't I just live my life Without it cutting through me like a knife? The names they call as I walk by
My life displayed upon a screen- I live behind a filter; I never say what I think. I’ve been trained to keep my mouth shut, but my lips glossed and pink. Without the social media, I am like all the rest.
to like tupac and adelle   I like tupac and adele But I am not supposed to I inherently believe you choose your fate But it seems others believe it chooses you And they will push you towards it
"A Poem Written at One in the Morning on a Random Thursday" or "Maybe Curtains and Masks Aren't So Bad After All" or "A P
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