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(For all the victims of sexual harassment)   Their names were many, Their faces were multiple. I simply called them “fearful”, They simply called me “easy”.  
If I controlled time I would walk Walk to that day, that place, that time. Press pause.   If I froze time I would see See her mid-run, that park, that tree. Press play.
You're not the determination of myself worth
In a miniskirt and tank top She walks down the street Head down, earbuds in, music off, cell phone in hand "Give me a smile sexy" "Come have dinner with me and I'll help you out of those clothes"
An open letter to the catcallers, butt-pinchers, hand groopers, and excesive sexual content broadcasters, Stop. We've asked nicely. Ignored you. Spoken softly. But we are tired. I am tired.  
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