2014 relationships

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I trusted you with my life, My heart, my everything. And you just tore it all into pieces, Just for some girl. I mean, why? How can you hurt me When you said you loved me? Was that all a lie?
I remember the way you’d caress my curves The way you’d make me crave your tender touch You had this way of getting on my nerves But then you’d make me want you so much And the way you’d kiss my lips —
Letting go is easy, it's holding on that causes pain, In this storm you ask for thunder, but all you can get is rain. If time heals all wounds, What about the scars? If missing you was easy, I wouldn't have a heart.
The night and the darkness are intwined. The moon and the water are one. They both need the other to be there, to be what they are. At night animals are alive, they come out of hidding safe,
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