I hate saying never

Letting go is easy, it's holding on that causes pain, In this storm you ask for thunder, but all you can get is rain. If time heals all wounds, What about the scars? If missing you was easy, I wouldn't have a heart. We made it through the fire, but with the smoke we couldn't breathe, I thought there was light at the end of this tunne I wanted to believe. Moving on, is part of letting go, the opposite of down is forward, there's no turning back on this empty road. Love is the recognition, that were better off apart, Pain is the definition, of one with a broken heart. We learn, we laugh, we love, we play, Weekends became dark, and night became day. Hear me when I tell you, this is something I have to do, Letting you go and spread your wings, Hoping that you find you. I wouldn't do anything different, wisdom came from every mistake, I would only like to tell you, you were nothing short of great. I only ask that you don't settle, you deserve the love that which you give, I'm sorry I couldn't be your savior, I'm sorry I'm all take and no give


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