attempted suicide

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People are depressed It sucks but It's the truth They joke haha They smile wide Inside however It's a raging storm
Whenever you're down, my best friend, When you feel as though the world is against you, I'll be right there next to you. And when you feel as though nothing matters, Or that your burdens are too heavy,
I scream and cry, And yet I am never heard,  No matter how hard I try.   You look down at me, Your face blurred, By the tears in my eyes. And yet I don't say a word. My scream are silent;
1. I am haunted by It.
My skin is paper Thin and weak I look for shields Over the weeks. My skin is a canvas Nice and strong Ready for painting All night long. But my time is nearing
Am I desperate or just insane? Because in this moment all I see is the pain in my face as well as yours, You won't let me apologize for this because you say it's not my fault, But you tell me it is my fault,
you little man of golden sand  you share my face my eyes my blood the tremble of my hand
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