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i wonder what the others feelwhen drinking wine or grape's strange, i know--it tastes to melike comfort, love, identity--the fruit of the vine, warm chanukkah nights,
As I leave my house I grab my bible and look around, up from the ground the ground I've been staring at my whole life, never seeing those around me only what I wanna see.
Based on a Hindu legend.   As a young girl, you chased moksha— the sky lantern—through the slums barefoot,  ruffled swags of damp towels as you dove into the 
Yes, I am called a witch, And sometimes I am not, yes I do magick, but it is through rituals and such No I do not worship the devil, nor any demons That is not wicca, that is not pagan,
Day to day I live my life I have almost everything I need and want I can live without many of these things that I hold dear But there is one, whom my heart is near He is the one that give me all these things
America’s sport and for some of us locker rooms have always taught more than classrooms ever could There are moments when chainlink, astroturf, and “suck it up”
Show your true form, you are handsome inside Draw your curtains and have some self pride   Make-up your face and hid your flaws Oh! It's only for girls but don’t give boys
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