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Jesus of Nazareth they drink of your blood  In fears of what waits after sleep They flaunt ye about preaching fire and flood To rip out the life of humanity  
There's this place deep in the recesses of my mind. A place where the scared little child ran away to hide. At such a young age he had given up hope, Went into this attic and tied up the rope.
I’ve been through the Storm Didn’t hurt till IT was gone. I’ve been torn apart… Now’s the time to start… Are you ready to start?   Hate Me, Or Love Me, Or Leave Me Alone…
There Was A Knock On The Door I Bolted From My Chair But B4 I Could Ascertain The Presence of the Caller Holmes Intercepted and Like A Cat Flung Open The Veil of Our Solitude.
Sometimes in the late evening I can feel a presence near me. A friend visits and asks a favor. I can not refuse the smile of nervous expectation/exaltation, the crown and the valley
Take me Mother Consciousness To the Kingdom of the Pyramids Where Nothing Is And Eternity lasts Where time Is neither slow Nor fast Father faith I call perception Lead me past
No longer the lamb Fattened for the feast Sheared for the fleece Shepherded by the damned Mindless fellow man Common mind of the flock Dictates what you eat Who will make it big
Upon the opening of the Eye The Universe is destroyed All becomes as Not Ultimately More Subtle In Mind More Supple and Graceful In Movement Inherently Artful In Thought
The Aristocracy will rise against The Witch of Modern Times The Witch that was will watch and wait Telling Tails Already Told The Witch 2B will overpower as The Light Grows Bright
The Rat Faced Baboon Follows The Magician With Instrument In Hand Notes R Taken Re-laid, Intoned and Spoken Share This With Those Who K/No/w K/Not Understanding Cumms With The Game
“God is a Joker, and I AM a Fool”, So Spake the King of Cups to the Two of Swords. Her response, balanced and true, “I Know”. Enter The Bride and Spirit Her Guide. In Silence She Spoke,
The Seed Of Content Dissent Distant Intent Reach Revival Survival Through Arrival Star-Star Whey-(afar) Lips Speaking Quick What was said?
They're coming (cumming) to get me I saw THEM last night Dressed in variance The Shades "Give IT to US", they indiscreetly screamed Thought I wasn't listening As they beamed
The City is frightening me. The City's cities R frightening to me. Babies beware, Strangers rape there. The girls Stand and laugh, While The men Get it on.
Silly little b-ing Taking stock in everything Recording the day The date And the Hour The building, Climbing And falling from towers. The light of the night The night of the Light
  They can twist and turn, bend and rend a thing into being, or keep it from becoming. A turn of the tongue, a twist of the head, a light... What is beginning to come into sight...
What are the words That I need Speak. Temptations, Insatiable fire, That breeds and bleeds And demands attention. The frustration of chains, Unspeakable tortures and pain, Desires unquenchable,
It's a Strange kind of Hunger This Craving for Release... A Blind and Wanton Hunger... Embrace and love The Beast The Beast that has no Face No Tail No tongue No Brain
Knock knock No ones Home Just an Empty House That We Call Home. Another Tym, Another Place, Another Door, Another Face.   Knock knock The Sleeper Stirs...
I met him in  the deep black-coffee  night,a milk-cream moon  pouring  between us. I came to a crossroad    with rum and gun-powder  (like  all of the  books  say to do)to seek  a favor,    but all he  wanted  was 
"The dead rise in classic form,Shakespearean and angry,to touch my body."-- Dancing Bear, The Dead     
Oh you fool, you pretty thing,
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