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Beauty has no weight,  Beauty has no age.    Beauty is not limited to color,  It is not based on style.    Beauty is not flawless, Beauty is not perfect.   
It's 9 P.M. She's done watching makeup videos She lays down and tries to go to sleep   It's 10 P.M. She begins to think "Am I pretty?" "Am I perfect?"
Beauty cries out To the young girl playing princess, To the teen girl scrutinizing the reflection. To the mom who weeps at a morphed form. To the one in the wheelchair… To the book worm… To everyone.
Sometimes- I tremble like the fault lines,
When I walk down the street, I feel their eyes They look at me but don’t know why I used to stay in my room and hide Scared of judgments, Terrified.   One day I took a glance in a glass
Wake up Get dressed Boobs out Makeup on Go out Fake smile Fake teeth Fake pictures Fake pop-stars Fake world Go home Look in the mirror
Many people claim they have no beauty, beauty is not being atractive, truly we are being blinded by atraction, that is the great distraction, Beauty should be what you are and what you truly be
Ribbons wide Ribbons red  Ribbons running 'cross the bed.   Ribbons long. Ribbons short. Ribbons reaching for your heart.   Ribbons old. Ribbons new.
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