It's 9 P.M.
She's done watching makeup videos
She lays down and tries to go to sleep
It's 10 P.M.
She begins to think
"Am I pretty?" "Am I perfect?"
She begins to cry
It's 11 P.M.
She stops crying, wipes the tears from her face
She begins to walk towards her bathroom
She stares at the mirror and murmurs 
"Why do I look like this?" "I'm hideous."
It's 12 A.M.
She does her makeup and begins to cry
As the makeup is running down her face
She looks in the mirror and asks for the last time
"Am I beautiful yet?"
It's 1 A.M.
She's laying on the bathroom floor with nothing but her sorrows
•Leonel Bautista•
This poem is about: 
Our world


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