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A/N: I wrote this when I was like 14, and I thought it was HILARIOUS, so I'm sharing it now, especially because I'm turning 18 this October.   I wish I was 18, or at least 23
Every man deserves a woman who calls him baby, kisses him like she means it, holds him tight like she never wants to let go, doesn’t make him jealous of other dudes, instead makes other guys jealous of him,
There was a newspaper headline a few days ago ‘America Is Weeping’ All I could think was So you chose to join the party?
You can stay warm You can stay happy You can stay in the sun and play Live a life worth living Living... What a funny thought When you think you're alive you're not The same second you're dead
On my 14th birthday, My present was leukemia And on the day came surgery Wires all over my body, Chained forever with my medicines, Yet none of those things bothered me They don't frightened me
We see our skin everyday.  the flesh gripping tightly on our bones and protecting us from the world outside as we shake a hand, dry our eyes, or contemplate in the mirror upon if I can fit in and erase my thighs,
Stop. However you are about to process these words.
I yell when I'm hungry I yell when i'm sad I yell all the time, even when I'm mad But most of all, I yell at you
I’ll admit, I’m selfish I have a greed for things that I don’t have The list of things I want fills encyclopedias Dictionary-sized lengths of words telling of my desires I can’t write it all out without aching
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