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I can see beautiful plants, I can see a sloppy swamp, I can see a trickly waterfall, What can you see?  
Hello, rainforest In wet season I write you While the clouds pour rain And by the terrain, I sit I am glad it's very warm
Jungle Hot, sticky, rain Full of life, exotic Trees high with monkeys in the sky Forest
In the canopy A toucan pokes its head out of a tree Trying to live its life In a place that is as busy as a bee hive   Having a vividly colored beak With a body that is quite petite
High above the steamy jungle, below the frosty stars. The storm crackled with hues of blue, white, purple, and yellow. Thunder clashed like cymbols and lightening danced over the trees.
In the rainforest it’s loud; everything makes a sound Every drip and drop is heard, as the rain drops plop on emerald leaves. The beatles weave, while the monkeys leap.
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