deadbeat dad

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You were young  and dumb.   A  man from Juárez, driving around Aurora.   Banda music blaring  from the speakers,
When I think about how I've glowed up It'll make you want to throw up If you've seen the things I've seen  And you did the things I did It'll make you wonder how I ever really growed up
Dear Dad Sometimes I wonder are u alive Or have you died? Everything u have told me has been a lie And I can't even survive. On the hurt,
U left me behind . My mom was both dad and mom . U told her that u wasn't gonna to be in my life if she wasn't with u so she have got a abonshed . Who tell there girl that u just a deadbeat I'm good without .
She is only a teenager in a world all alone, Some dude knocked her up and now long gone, After the fact, he knew she was carrying a kid, He hesitated once he found out it was his jit.  
Let me tell you the story of one father's life
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